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Harbor towage operators are facing and anticipating unexpected events on a 24/7 basis. Incoming vessels which are delayed, berths still being occupied and leaving vessels which -once the tug is already ordered- still need to load an additional number of containers. Unfortunately, these events are not to be considered incidents, this is instrumental for the dynamics in the harbor towage business.

Once an initial work schedule is created, a new change is already under way, which makes the initial planning more or less useless. As a result another round of rescheduling of events is required, meaning that a towage planner is constantly changing, anticipating and updating its schedules. Which in case of only 1 tug is quite simple, 5 tugs is already a challenge and planning 10 tugs in an operational and financially sound manner, is virtually impossible in the context of applicable business rules, labor laws and nautical rules.

OptiPort supports your dispatch team in making fast, accurate and smart decisions, which help you to optimize your vessels, save cost and reduces outsourcing of jobs!

OptiPort is a product, developed by PortX BV

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